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Hi guys,

I've got a new job in Piccadilly which is about 12 miles from where I live in Bromley and I'm very lucky in that work has a underground security protected bike store with private showers and lockers so I've been thinking about commuting. I usually ride a Wilier Izoard XP 2013 and its my pride and joy therefore I'd rather not commute in it and if I can get it passed the missus I would like to get another bike :D

I've decided I'd like to try a single speed bike to have something different in my collection and I'm looking at a £500-£750 price range so that I can throw it around a little bit without worrying too much.

Only thing is, I don't really know much about single speed bikes, I had to look up the difference between a single speed and a fixie before posting this! :oops:

Anyone know any decent bikes around that price range? I looked at Mango bikes and I like the look of the designs if that helps!

Thanks in advance!


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    I bought a Kona Paddy Wagon when I moved to Amsterdam: very happy with it and the reviews are good. I think it's in your price bracket. It has bull horn bars on it that I love - like riding on the hoods but with easy braking. The only thing I've changed on it are the tyres (I run Vittoria Paves in 27C on the cobbles). It seems to be tough. The spokes needed tweaking after a couple of weeks but that was picked up in the service. There may be better bikes but the Wagon is good.
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    Charge Plug
    Genesis Flyer
    Genesis Day 1 (disc brakes if that appeals)

    Or frame and forks and build to your own spec.

    On One
    All City

    You might find this website useful too.
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    Some of the comments on here might help:

  • Thanks guys, really helpful stuff :)

    I'm looking at two right now - ... e-ec060468 ... e-ec055435

    Thoughts? :)
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    Thanks guys, really helpful stuff :)

    I'm looking at two right now - ... e-ec060468 ... e-ec055435

    Thoughts? :)

    Don't go to Evans. have a look at Cotic who have just released a couple of new bikes. I have a Roadrat singlespeed for commuting which is a bit more individual than a Tricoss/langster etc.
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    keep with your bike brand: ... S_GB/21860

    I love mine :)
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    I like my SE larger- it has guard mounds which I think is essential for commuting all yr. Only thing is 52cm is a bit small, otherwise a nice bike.
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    I have been riding a big block for the past 3 years. Tested loads of bikes and nothing else came close:

    I originally bought it for short summer commute across the city. However, it has pretty much left the rest of my bikes redundant. Currently doing 25miles a day in all weathers.

    Smooth, reasonable weight (circa 9kg) and very responsive with handling on the right side of twitchy.

    Running 28's with race blades and rear brake in winter.

    The original blog sums it up nicely for me: ... k_frameset

    Urban cyclist reviewed stacks of similar bikes in one of the original editions and the big block came out tops.

    If you want eyelets and/or discs then I would be looking at a day one, or the new nature boy.
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    All city bikes do look good I must say - depends on your budget of course... the SEs are good if you want a cheaper option. Pearson cycles also do nice singlespeeds that you can have custom built.
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    I would be tempted to speak to the guys at Kinoko to see how close to budget they could build a Tokyo Fixed Dart for you.

    If you could be swayed on budget and going fixed (just save that bit longer), then the following would be an option if you get the front fork drilled: ... e.tpl.html

    Alternatively the Dolan should be a pretty solid bike with a flip flop hub and seems the most sensible as a commuting bike: ... gloss.html
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    +1 fir Kinoko (speak to Andy)and also for Pearson (speak to Guy or William)
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    Bianchi Pistas are very nice.