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Hybrid buying advice

lilestormlilestorm Posts: 3
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First of all, I am new to this forum, so I am not sure this is in the right section, if it isn't, I aplogoize.

So I am about to buy my first hybrid, I want to spend £ 3-400. I am trying to decide between two bikes. One of them is the Carrera Gryphon, 350 from Halfords (discounted from 400). The other one is the Specialzed Sirrus, £300 (disc. from 400) from a local bikeshop (they only had 2 left jn my size 4 days ago, so I might not have long).

So these are the two I can't decide between. The Gryphon seems to have a bit better gears (I don't mind that it's only 16), but I've read stories on the internet that it is a bit suspectible to spoke breakage on the rear wheel (although those people are about 30-35 kgs heavier than me). The Sirrus looks a bit worse in terms if gears. So I honestly don't know.

I would use the bike mostly for commuting to work, and some very light offorad (canalside, or some light trailrides, like Hampstead Heath, for those who know London). My main worry is the wheels, with any hybrid reall, if they can take these impacts.

Any for/agains advice with these two bikes, or any suggestions for another hybrid in this pricerange?

Thanks a lot!


  • Looked at the Gryphon a couple of weeks back and was impressed enough to put it on the list as a poss. for my next commuter. Definitely good for the money.
    Don't know why spoke breakage should affect a particular model in particular.
    London canal or park trails shouldn't cause a worry, and perhaps least of all the Heath where if I recall right, cycling's only permitted on surfaced trails anyway.
    "Consider the grebe..."
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,533
    Gryphon better value and really light for the money. Specialized has a nice frame but shocking components for the money. Either would be a nice bike - just buy the one you like the look/feel of best.
  • Thnaks very much for the advice, I think I'll go and get one in a few days.
  • katiebobkatiebob Posts: 208
    I have the Gryphon. I love it :-)

    I've taken it on canal paths and the roads by me are shocking - its been fine.

    I think it comes with 32mm tyres which ive swapped for 28mm and it's still comfy enough on the paths.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,756
    The Gryphon wheels are by Formula and are fitted to a lot of mid range bikes costing up to about £600.

    I have a Gryphon, or rather a bike built up using a Gryphon frame, the only negative is that the rear seat stays are quite narrower limiting rear tyre size, not an issue for me though as I'm running 26" wheels!
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