FSA Omega crankset- shimano upgrade?

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Is it worth upgrading to a shimano a tiagra crankset over the FSA omega that came on my giant defy 3?

The FSA crankset has been crap since day 1, as soon as i put some power down it creaks like hell. I thought maybe its due to the skinny axle compared to a shimano crankset. Is is possible that it could be the frame creaking? I've checked the bb threads have anti-seize, cups tightened, pinch bolts torqued etc, i'ts driving me insane!

I was considering 'upgrading' to a tiagra crankset as the rest of the groupset is tiagra There's not much of a weight saving (not too bothered), just hoping that the fatter 24mm axle would alleviate the creaking. Would a tiagra be noticably stiffer or would i need to go higher up the range?

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  • dowtcha
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    More than likely its the Bb that's gone, mine started creaking after 800 miles but the second has been fine. You won't notice any difference and you will have to change cranks and the Bottom bracket. I was going to change mine but not going to bother now.
  • DanG87
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    I thought it may be the bb but it's done it from new, to me it sounds like metal being stressed rather than the bearings being shot, could be wrong. The fsa bb is bloody expensive aswell considering it's a budget chainset.
  • You sure it's not headset, seat post or saddle as they can all creak in time with pedalling rhythm and where a sound comes from came be very hard to locate.
  • topdude
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    First thing to do, forget the BB/chainset.
    Remove, clean, grease the seatpost/seat tube.
    Costs nothing and solves a lot of creaking noises.
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    Agree ref omega. One came on my cycle to work scheme cheapy. 14 miles later drive side crank arm pedal thread stripped out. Tightened with a small pedal washer and torque wrench like all of my other pedals / cranks. The chainset is just made of wattle and daub!
  • wilkij1975
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    I'm on one at the moment. I weigh around 105Kg and all I can say is wrong with it is that it's a bit flexy under power. But at my weight I'm not suprised. I'd say Shimano would be better in the long run and thats what I'll get but only when this runs out.

    I'd do the greasing and checking of other stuff first and if it's still no better maybe change it then.