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6 year old carbon bike

uptonupton Posts: 40
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How much would people consider paying (eg %age of cost price) for a "older" frame.
The bike is a good condition 6.5 2008 Madone, so would have been quite a lot when new.

For the money I could get something like this - lower group set but being new, perhaps a "safer bet".


  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,954
    I would get the Cinelli. I have one and its ace. The frame on that bike is nearly a grand on its own so is a complete bargain - not sure why you would buy used with bargains like that around?
  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
    Well I have a 2009 6.9 Madone in Astana colours with full Sram Red & DA wheels which probably wouldn't get me much more than £1200 if I sold it but it's immaculate and I wouldn't buy the Cinelli over my bike at all. Don't get too taken in by RRP figures.
  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,954
    Difference is its your bike and you know where its been. My bike may be worth £700 now and I would not sell that and buy a new specialized Allez - its all relative. The Cinelli normally sells for £1700 ish so its not about RRPs being inflated.
  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,726
    Some of the best carbon frames from even 8 years ago will give many current frames a run for their money. A friend has a Giant which is right up there still in my opinion, probably better than some of the ones that came after it. Don't get suckered in by the marketing, each year they claim the most massive improvements, and a load of it is just drivel. With really high-end frames they can certainly compare to the best of today, you might find today's offerings are generally a bit lighter as all the manufacturers try to compete with each other on spec sheet numbers.
  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    My riding buddy got himself a new Pinarello FP1 and whilst it looks good it is nearly 2kg heavier than my 7yo Orbea and cost him nearly twice what I paid for mine. If the Madone is in good condition then that would be my choice.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Depends on whether the Trek was ridden in the rain or not? ;-)
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • mallorcajeffmallorcajeff Posts: 1,489
    Id take the trek all day long
  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,331
    Vote for the Cinelli here
  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,726
    If the Trek is in great nick and the drivetrain is not excessively worn it will be the better bike. It's a little bit like buying a 6 year old BMW over a new Ford, one will be the better car by a mile if it's looked after, but both will be cars. It depends what kind of purchaser you are I suppose, both can be happy with their purchase.
  • jordan_217jordan_217 Posts: 2,580
    I sold my 2006 Scott CR1 to nochekmate a few years ago. I've regretted selling that bike ever since…

    I would have it back in a heartbeat over the current crop of CR1's.

    New doesn't always mean better!
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