SPD cleats 'scraping' on the floor

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I've got an SPD pedal / cleat / shoe set up, and although the cleat is recessed I am still occasionally getting a horrible grinding noise when I walk on concrete. Is this normal as I assume long-term it is likely to cause damage to the cleat? I have got them screwed in as tight as they go, and even tried moving the positioning back as far as it would go as I thought it was happening when I pressed down on each step.


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    This is why you will see more experienced cyclists walking on their hands when they encounter concrete or other hard surfaces on the way to the cafe.

    No, it's perfectly normal on pretty much all 2-bolt shoes - sure, it will wear the cleat ever so slightly, but unless you're walking miles and miles on hard surfaces, it is not an issue. SPD cleats are made from pretty tough steel and last a long time.

    So, now you can move the cleat to where it is comfortable (rather than all the way back just to try and stop the noise!).
  • I once had to run about 5 miles from my old flat to the station and from the station to my parents' house to pick up my bike. I did this several times because I was storing it there at the time; I cut the train out a couple of times and ran the whole thing (10 miles ish) - all in my SPD shoes. Used to wear them all day at work and head into town at lunchtime as well. I've lost a couple of cleat bolts in that time, always on the bike but thankfully never the side I unclip. Other than that, they've done about 10 years and I see no reason why they won't do another 10; probably outlasting the shoes they're bolted to.

    It makes me chuckle when people talk about the service life of their plastic cleats, particularly what's considered good and bad!