Bike hire in Los Angeles (Glendale)

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anyone know where to go for this?

a couple of 'decent' road bikes for end of July.

also, anyone know if there are rules on helmets out there (not a debate on the rights and wrongs please :shock: )




  • bikepacker
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    One time when I was staying at my cousin's in North Hollywood I asked at a local bike shop about renting a bike for a few days. That shop loaned me one charging me $8 dollars a day. When I took it back I brought some bike bits from them and they deducted what I had paid for renting the bike.

    So my advice would be to seek out some LBS and ask them.

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    A while ago I hired a bike from Blazing Saddles at Santa Monica Beach. They had a range of Specialized bikes. It's a bit away from Glendale but not totally the other side of LA. They may have other branches about the city being a chain as I also hired a bike from them in San Francisco. I think they insisted you used a helmet.