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The St Patrick's Day Morning Thread...

thekickingmulethekickingmule Posts: 7,957
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Top o' the Mornin' to ya, Losers!

Gone are the days where I would be stood outside O'Neils in Leeds at 9am, waiting for them to open up so I could drink for as long as I possibly could. Stupid work.

I slept terribly last night, went to bed ill and shivering, and have had about 2 hours sleep. Meh.

Today I'm going to do whatever I can without falling asleep.

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  • ClankClank Posts: 2,323
    Mornin' window lickers

    The plans to turn the hardtail into a commutor worked - arrived in work slightly quicker than I had been and with a mahoosive grin, despite running 2.25 Table Tops. Win.

    Today's work will feature a major cell sorting out following on from last weeks abortive modifications, and then before dinner back to some very interesting cladding work for A Customer. Powders this week, wire next week - going to be a busy couple of weeks! Win.

    Got my new hedge planted this weekend too. Also Win.

    Now chilling out with some admin and banging tunes, accompanied by a pint of tea before hitting the coffee very shortly. That's how I roll.

    Onwards! To caffiene!
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  • ProutsterProutster Posts: 785
    Not a bad view out of the hotel room window this morning:


    Let's hope it's like it all week :D

    Enjoy your weeks chaps!
  • Just had food, looking forward to the drive to work as my car is now temporarily fixed and doesnt require new suspension anymore.

    Feeling it from yesterdays ride, but fitness is coming back slowly.

    Work will mostly involve creating new reports for customers, drinking coffee, listening to music and ignoring all the mongs I work with.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 26,939 Lives Here
    Mourning, it's Moanday.
    Today is going to be remarkably dull, so I'll tell you about yesterday.
    I got the whole family out on pedal power yesterday. Then went for a ride round the park and a swift pint with some mates. Got to the door of the pub and left for another pub as the queue from the bar reached the door.
    Onwards to dreariness.
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 21,665

    auditors in today for fun :( Current wifes car broke down yesterday, so had to commute on the bike today after my first time trial yesterday - therefore my legs are shot and hurt for the 2hr ride in today

    Later is ride home
  • mak3mmak3m Posts: 1,394
    oooooo i feel your pain got audit tomorrow :( pre meeting for a few weeks of pain
  • pesky_jonespesky_jones Posts: 2,890
    hello body pockets

    Good bit of football yesterday! Spent the morning recovering, then down the pub again for the football and more "recovery" - then out for another mates birthday in the evening for a curry and ate way too much. Not bad for a no riding weekend. Only three or four more to go (waiting for forks back from sram)
  • spongtasticspongtastic Posts: 2,651
    Afternoon Mmmmmmongs!

    Today I am sat at my desk with very bad tooth ache. Lost a filling and a large piece from from a wisdom tooth last week because in the words of my new dentist 'whoever filled that should have just taken the bl**dy thing out', had a temp fill on Friday which fell out along with another chunk of tooth yesterday morning. So back to the dentist again.

    General mood not helped by eldest daughter doing an amazing zombie impression for two hours last night, getting up standing by the bed stamping on the floor boards, being put back to bed and repeat several times. Turned out she wanted a glass of water, asked her why she didn't just ask, apparently she didn't want to and we should have known. :roll: I swear I have a 9 year old psychopath.
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  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 56,898
    Afternoon Gits,

    Today has been mostly messing around with budgets. Numbers are like people, torture them enough and they'll tell you anything :twisted: Apart from that, not too bad for a Monday where work is involved.

    Looking forward to dodging 2 ton metal objects on my cycle home this evening.
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