New derailleur fitting

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I've just installed a new 105 rear mech on my bike and I've ran into an issue (I think). I changed one of the links on my chain for a SRAM powerlink and now when I run the chain through the jockey wheels and joined the chain, the cage and jockey wheels are at 90 degrees to the floor (as it would be on the largest rear sprocket). The chain is on the largest front ring and the smallest rear sprocket. When I change up through the gears, the lowest jockey wheel points towards the front of the bike. I'm new to cycling and fixing my own bike so i apologise if it's something extremely basic I've missed or done wrong.


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    It is designed to do this.

    As you go into the larger sprockets at the back you are "using " more chain up to go round the sprocket so the effective length of the chain is less therefore the derailleur is pulled forward against its spring tension.

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    Thanks for the reply. It looks further forward than it did on my old rear mech that's all. It's probably just me though