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Trains from Liverpool Street

MadammeMarieMadammeMarie Posts: 621
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Dear fellow cyclists.

Question for those who use trains from Liverpool Street to any station in Essex: is it possible, in case for whatever reason you cannot buy a ticket before your journey, to buy a ticket ON the train? I have done it many times from other stations, but I was told by the guy at the gates that "these are not standard routes" or something like that! I was a bit surprised to say the least. And annoyed as hell.

I don't know who else to ask. I tried the Natinal Rail on line support, but they won't answer my question!



  • sebo900sebo900 Posts: 14
    You need a ticket to get through the barriers to the trains so I'd guess not I think they only let you buy tickets on the train from small stations that dont have ticket machines
  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 6,180
    Generally if there are barriers you need to buy a ticket before you go through and they will have ticket machines so you can do this if the desks are shut. Often the bloke on the barrier will have a portable ticket machine and can sell you a ticket.

    In some areas there are penalty fare schemes where if you get on the train without a ticket you will get a fine, even if you intend to buy a ticket on the train. If you can't buy a ticket first, there should be a machine where you can get a permit to travel which is like a token to give to the person on the train.
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