stuck on putting new chain on

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I've taken my old chain off (Specialized 8 speed road bike). I have a new one: Shimano Deore IG70 8 Speed Chain.

Unsure on how to put it on. Never done it before. There is a connecting pin that's come with the chain in a separate little packet. But then there's this:

What's that about? Should I use that to connect the chain together (and not use the separate connecting pin) or should I remove it (and use the separate connecting pin)?



  • rafletcher
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    The pins are single use only so you get one in the chain as in your pic plus a spare for next time you need/ want to take it off. Personally I'd get a reusable link from the likes of KMC or Connex / Wipperman. Much easier. If you can't get 8sp then next time you get a new chain get a 9sp one which will work ok and allow you to use a quick link. SRAM chains are good.
  • ben-----
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    OK, thanks. So I use that one that I've pictured to connect the chain on first use. Great, thanks.
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    Have a look on Youtube. There are some great bike maintenance vids to be found there.
  • ben-----
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    OK thanks. I should be OK now, just knowing that that sticking out pin is the one to use -- that was the bit that I was confused by because of the presence of the connector pin too. Thanks.
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    And if you need to chop a bit off the chain so it's the right length (you usually do) then do it from the other end :wink: