Which is better??

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New to the road bike world. Question I want to ask is.. Which bike is better Carrera Virtuoso or Carrera Zelos 2014 Limited Edition. I was going to buy Virtuoso but noticed on Halfords its almost £100 cheaper to buy Zelos. Starting off cheap see if I get the bug. But want a decent enough bike. Any advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks :D


  • gethinceri
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    First join British Cycling for about £25.00 then make your decision utilising the 10% discount that your membership gives you at Halfords.
  • crannman
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    virtuoso is my first road bike for years great bike does what i want it to doing around 20 mile rides and building up nicley
  • Taypsie
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    Cheers. Will have a look into that one more. :) can't wait to get on the road :mrgreen:
  • Sprool
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    Don't forget the old forum favourite starter bike the Triban 3 from Decathlon - great value for money to get you into road cycling. http://www.decathlon.co.uk/triban-3-uk-id_8274036.html