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Hi All being new(isn) to road cycling, I purchased a Scott Cr1 Pro in Westbrook Cycles Sale last summer, I currently have Dt Swiss 1850RR wheels on it (they were a reasonable price which) but I'm now thinking they may be a bit heavy and I'd like to upgrade. I weigh 90-92kg (depending on whether I've had poo in the morning) I don't think I'm that hard on wheels I do like doing some sprinting I've not flexed The DT swiss's but i have done some wheelies, can't help myself sometimes.I won't be doing wheelies on new wheels.

I'm looking at either a Factory built wheel's or maybe get some wheel's built but I'm unsure on where is a good wheel builder, would it be cheaper for me to buy the hubs and rims and send them in to the wheel builder. here is what I've thought id like

Campagnolo Zonda's, or Fulcrum racing 3s I know they are practically the same wheel.

Maybe some Shimano RS 81's but i don't know anything about them are they strong? light? are the hubs good for rolling

If i go down the hand built wheels I think I might like Dura Ace 9000 hubs laced to Velocity A23, Pacenti Sl23 or my favourite choice at the moment are H Plus Sons Archetype. What type of spoke build should i choose? which spokes? And how many 24F- 28R? what spoke nipple brass or alloy?

I know its a lot of questions but there seems to be some pretty knowledgable people on here who could steer me in the right direction.

Thanks In advance Martyn :D


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    Sounds to me you have no idea what the f@#k you want and are going off other peoples experiences.

    How about you stick with the wheels you have and when you decide you really really need better wheels for climbing, speed, time trialing you pick something that reflects your particular discipline. Right now it sounds like you just want new wheels for the sake of it without knowing why.

    Stock wheels are just fine for the weekend ride out no matter what bike you have or whatever your level of ability. If you want to move on and race or TT then sure get some better wheels to make yourself more competitive but if it just to nip a few seconds off a Strava segment then you are wasting cash better spent elsewhere.
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    24F/28R should be fine for you if you are not too hard on wheels. The pacenti rim is stiffer, lighter, has a more aero profile (slightly) and wider (internally) than the archetype. The archetype is cheaper and is very nice too look at. They both are good rims. DA 9000 hubs on either rim is world away from zonda's.

    Are R81 hubs good for rolling - they go round don't they. One hub rolls as well as another in reality so don't worry about that when looking at high end hubs. Any differenc eis drag is down to sealing and you do want sealing I can assure you. There is a good argument to say run what you have until you get issues but a DA 9000 build on Pacentis will feel different to what you have as the rims will be a fair bit lighter and your tyres will take a wider profile.

    It does sound like you want new wheels for it own sake and there is nothing wrong with that. the whole worlds economy is driven by that and for some nipping a few seconds of a strava segment is really important for other who don't even use strava (me for example) I wonder what it is all about. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    Not really giving advice, just my opinion. If it were my money I would be going handbuilt with DA9000 hubs, Archetype rims with 24F/28R Sapim Race spokes and brass nipples. Unless you envisage wanting to go tubeless at sometime in the future then I might go Pacenti SL23 rims.