Adjusting front derailleur with 4! gears

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I recently bought a second-hand German hybrid bike. Now the peculiar thing is that the bike has 4 front gears + 6 gears in the back. However the previous owner had for some reason the derailleurs adjusted in the way that it is not possible to shift to the highest front gear.
Now this is problematic, because most of the time I ride around in my highest possible gear and most of the times I feel that I would like more resistance and speed. I spin out all the time in almost any downhill scenario.

How difficult would it be to adjust the derailleurs so that I could access the highest front gear? Do I need to completely slack the front gearing cable and do the standard process or would there be a shortcut?

The previous owner mentioned that the highest front gear was problematic for some reason and that's why it was disabled. Are front 4-gears known to be problematic? In any case I want to give it a try.

The reason why I'm not taking the bike to a proper bike shop is because of the bike services here in the UK are unreasonably expensive for me and I would rather do it myself and learn something as well in the process.


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    The way I understand this right now is that all I have to do is adjust the high limit screw on the derailleur and this should fix it. Or am I being too naive? :P
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    No different to setting up a standard set up.

    Read the how to on Parktools.
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