C02 inflators

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I'm am very new to cycling (my first real outing today)
I need to invest in the accessories now and one of which I need is an inflator
Now I've seen these c02 inflators they are small and compact (great)
They hold 16gram cartridges now I was wondering how much would it take to inflate a tyre on a road bike (my tyres say 100psi)
Would one 16gram cartridge be enough to inflate my tyre once ? Twice ?

Thank you


  • I cartridge will inflate one road tyre - they are not intended to be used in any other way.
  • sungod
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    get a pump

    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
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    Worthwhile having a pump & an inflator. I have just invested in an inflator & some canisters, but a pump will get you home in an 'if all else fails' situation.
  • defbref wrote:
    Bit optimistic n my experience.

    One cartridge pumps my continental gp4000s 25mm tires to 105psi every time.

    In real life you probably loose a little air somehow I guess.
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    buy a track pump for home take c02 infiator+take pump if one fail you can pump your tire up :shock: so your not up the creek without a paddle :lol:
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    Personal exprience - best to just have a decent mini pump and take a gas pump only to top up to pressure.

    Best to hand pump and gas pump separate for 3 reasons.

    1. if it fails you lose both

    2. once you use a canister you leave on until empty so its stuck on the pump making it stick out your pocket if you keep it there or awkward on the frame if you keep it there.

    3. Had 3 occasions, 1 me 2 helping others where the gas inflator has actually unscrewed the valve on the tube when trying to remove it even though, in my case anyway, the valve was tightened before use. So the valve came off and the tyre became flat again making the whole process pointless.
  • nicksun
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    You'll need 12g cylinders for a road bike tyre. 16g are for mtb. I have always used CO2 when out on the bike and i've not had any problems.
    This is what i use:
    http://www.inmotionproducts.com/Barbier ... mp-177.htm
    It doubles as a hand pump to slightly inflate the tube before you put it in.

  • defbref
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    12g will not get you to over 100psi (see my link earlier) and as already pointed out the table is probably optimistic.

    12g might be fine if your running 700x18 and want >100psi but other than that will only get you 80-90psi, will need a top up with pump to go beyond that.

    25g are MTB, 12g road and 16g both.