Garmin Edge 500 - Issues

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Hi, I seem to be experiencing a problem with my Garmin Edge 500. The unit is only 18 months old and to be frank has not been used that often, but I am now experiencing a problem. It seems to shut down mid ride which is very annoying, an example being. The first time this happened I thought it was because the battery was not fully charged and had gone flat mid ride, this has happened a couple of times and I put it down to me not being organised....but I had my suspicions !!
However this weekend the same thing happened again, but this time I had charged the battery fully on the Saturday before my Sunday ride of about 20 miles. The unit was then turned off and a week later (Saturday) I went for a ride. The unit loaded up and worked perfectly but after about 20 minutes it beeped and turned off. I completed my ride got home, put the unit on charge (it showed 100%) and within a few seconds it reported fully charged.
Charging as I suspected is not an issue....but why should it turn off like this. Has anyone else experienced this problem ?
Bit of an update, it seems to turn itself off after approx. 20 minutes...Why ?


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    This happened to me when i forgot to start the timer. When you start moving do you get the pop up that it has detected movement? I set off having cleared the warning as i was selecting a course to follow. I then forgot to start the timer and the unit started to shut down after approx 20 mins from initial switch on.

    if you aren't using the timer then there may be an option to disable the auto power off (haven't got instructions or unit to hand) as the unit thinks it is not being used.
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    Hi DCDB I think you have solved the problem, I have started to get the movement detected screen coming up and have not been starting the timer....thanks for that.