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I have been looking to get a new bike through the Cycle to Work Scheme and am looking to spend no more than £750. I am in two minds between getting a Schwinn Fastback Comp 2012 model or a Cannondale CAAD 105 Compact.

The key thing i have been looking at is ensuring i get a Shimano 105 gearset rather than getting a Tiagra gearset.

Schwinn Fastback Comp - ... -COMP-2012
Cannondale CAAD 105 Compact - ... MPACT-2013

What would you recommend?


  • taff..
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    I'd recommend the one that fits you best for the riding you want to do. If it happens to have 105 then it's a winner :)
  • Davdandy
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    I cannot comment on the Scwinn but i do own a Caad 8 105 and love it.Sorry i cant add much to the post other than to say it is stunning for the price.
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    Have you actually sat on or ridden either bike you mention? Before you even think about buying try and get a test ride and find something that is comfortable and fits. Please dont buy a bike based on looks, but what is best for you be it a more aggressive or relaxed geometry.

    Saying that, the CAAD is one of the best alu frames you can get today and would take a lot of beating for the money.
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    I've just become the proud owner of a 2013 CAAD 8 Sora and love the frame/riding position. However, as others have said definitely ride it (and some others for comparison) first. I'm mainly a mtb'er but finally made the switch to a road bike as my local weekend and evening rides are nearly all just on roads. I was surprised at just how different some road bikes felt when on paper they were very similar.
  • I can only add to Smoggy and others above. Ride them and see what fits and how you get on with 'em.
    Don't necessarily get hung on the the group set, they will all work fine. As an example, I have limited hand movement and find 105 shifters hard work but I find Sora easy to use. They are faultless and on countless audaxes, sportives, etc they have never let me down. The frame, set up etc will be of more importance to you. Get it done in a LBS where they will do a first service, tweak gears and cables and the like for you and it could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Good luck whichever route you go down.
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    cannondale, i got a caad8 couple years ago but only tiagra and it cost more then that, so great price great bike!
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  • Davdandy
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    For what its worth i paid £800 for the Caad 8 105 eighteen months ago so seems a good buy at that price to me.
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    ianbar wrote:
    cannondale, i got a caad8 couple years ago but only tiagra and it cost more then that, so great price great bike!

    Exactly this for me too. That seems a great price for the Caad and if you did go with it i really dont think you would be disappointed
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