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i am thinking shortly of replacing my brake pads, there the original ones that came when i bought the bike and i think they are pretty much due. i assume they are 105 pads as the rest of the brakes etc are 105 is there much difference in getting say dura ace pads instead? pads don't seem to cost much whatever really! cheers
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    I'm a convert to SwissStop BXP myself - recon they are just about the best out there. Use Flashpro BXP on Shimano / SRAM, and Racepro BXP for Campag.
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    yeah just seen them they sound more reassuringly expensive lol will the fit my shimano cartridges?
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    I'm also a SwissStop convert. While they might seem dear, remember it's for a pack of 4.

    They'll fit, as Paul says, different versions of the same pad. There's a table on the site that shows you.