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which one should i chose ?

Defy frameset is from ebay and seller in Moldova and new however previously built as a full bike
( if you know what i mean )

Roubaix is brand new and somewhere in UK

all i need is your preference, i will deal with moral dilemna



  • PhunkyPhil
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    If it's been built I would suspect its been tested which means it's not new but second hand.

    This shouldn't matter though, which do you prefer the look of? I know I would choose the Specialized as I like the brand and it's int he UK.
  • chris217
    chris217 Posts: 218
    Yeah, am leaning towards Spesh

  • ricky1980
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    neither, synapse for me. i don't like sloping top tubes cos you end up with massive amount of seatpost sticking out which means you always have to get one of those long seatpins.

    but i am cannondale biased.
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  • brownbosh
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    plus one for synapse carbon or infinito / infinito cv.
    Defy is a great predictable bike but just look at the bandy legged buffalo that ride them around with the stem flipped. Vurp.