We should stop moaning about car drivers

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Having just returned from a holiday in South Africa I am never going to complain about UK car drivers again.

The closed road event we entered was impeccably organised, but within 50 metres of leaving the finishing zone some muppet pulled over in front of us, paused and then pulled back out without signalling. Hit my buddy on the leg. No damage fortunately apart to the car drivers boot where my friends fist expressed his displeasure.

We also rode a bit around the cape and winelands area. I have never seen such a bad standard of driving (and I lived there for ten years). No lane discipline, no indicating, no concern for cyclists, no use of rear view mirrors etc.

I am glad to have survived. Loved the event, will do it again. Won't bother with anything else. My local friends tell me the shocking driving on the roads has caused a huge shift to mountain biking. Sounds sensible to me.


  • I will still complain about them whilst terrible driving is costing lives and devastating families. I spent some time living in Rio where the drivers are chaotic, doesn't mean I will forgive drivers in the UK that drive dangerously. In fact anyone that has done some backpacking/travelling will probably have witnessed the kamikaze driving in places like Thailand, Cambodia et al though this doesn't mean we should forgive certain drivers in the UK.
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    Crap and dangerous driving is absolute, not relative.
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    You weren't riding with this lot were you?

    http://road.cc/content/news/112818-cape ... no-arrests
    I used to just ride my bike to work but now I find myself going out looking for bigger and bigger hills.
  • You weren't riding with this lot were you?

    http://road.cc/content/news/112818-cape ... no-arrests
    No, I wasn't. However, there were several people around driving that I felt like throwing my bike at. The level of driving ignorance was frankly astounding.
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    makes me think of Burry Stander :(
  • ......It's an attitude thing really.

    Sadly, this is what lies at the heart of it.

    There are some moronic assh0les in all walks of life, with antisocial or vile attitudes to just about everyone that isn't a fellow moronic assh0le like they are. Many of them happen to have a driving licence, which they use to bring their antisocial attitudes to a particularly vulnerable group of fellow road users.

    A group of us encountered just such an example of one of these morons today, who for no reason wanted to come and punch a few of us, presumably for 'getting in his way'. We laughed at him and his behemoth of a girlfriend who was driving their clapped out wreck of a car, which seemed to wind him up even more. In the end, they drove off in such a rage that they almost crashed their car, so we laughed some more...... :lol: