Hit and run driver?

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Hi, on tuesday afternoon i was deliberately knocked of my bike by a hit and run driver, moments before they had tried to knock me off by throwing a half full 2ltr bottle of coke at me from the passing car. on rounding the next corner they were stopped at road works, on seeing me approach they turned left into a cul-de-sac and excecuted a threepoint turn.I spotted a nearby police patrol, followed them in to get their reg number and to report to the police, on seeing me approach they then drove at me deliberately knocking me off.
I now have three weeks off work, broken bone in my right wrist and my bike is damaged.
Here is the thing though, normally as a rule, i ignor any instances of aggresion or road rage and just ride on, better to out of the way right? So was i right to try to confront them, or should i have taken my own advice and just rode on, thus avoiding the hit and run?
Bmw 3 compact met silver with a distinctive black bonnet FK51, not traced yet, thanks for the advice, cliffe.


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    In hindsight - you'd not follow them - but I suspect most of us would have done the same as you.

    I'd retrace their route - look for any security cameras - someone might have one ?

    Hope they get caught and punished.

    Heal well.
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    'right'? morally, yes

    but unwise, from their behaviour you knew them to be dangerous scum, so 'confronting' them when they are in a car and you're on a bike is unlikely to end well

    tbh if there was a police patrol, i would've tried to get their attention and point them at the scum

    hindsight is always easy though!
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    With the vehicle description and partial reg the vehicle is possible to trace for the police. Chances of it being registered and insured? Doubtful. But, it will no doubt pop up somewhere on an ANPR circulation when the current driver will be nabbed for failing to stop, failing to report, assault and potential other RTA violations.

    You didn't say where this was either for others to be on the look out for it.
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    I would definitely report them; chucking a bottle out of the car at you is enough, never mind what else they did. A lot of people say the law can't do much and question whether it is worth the effort, but I think if these events go by without any come back from official-dom, the perps do it again and again, possibly escalating their violence.

    There was a thread on the Pistonheads cycling forum about having to be hard if you call a driver a w@nker, or something along those lines, and there are a lot of cyclists who don't get wound up by this kind of thing and can ignore it.

    I'm not one of them, every time a car or lorry passes me too close or I get cut up or Smidsy-ed, I rant and scream and flap my arms. I do it because I hope it makes the driver give more room/consideration/looks with more care the next time.

    I haven't been subjected to a deliberate close pass or driven "at" for a long time, but I would follow it up as much as possible. It can be difficult at times to get reg numbers, and in the heat of the moment it can be terrifying and you don't know what you are getting yourself into, but the roads are there for us all.
  • Report it to the police with all the details you have, explain the incident, and hope to see the car again to provide a full plates.

    Shame it happened though. Don't let this slide!