quick sizing question for Specialized bike

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Can anyone help me figure out if the bike I'm keen on is a medium 54? He said the c-c measurement is 19 inches?


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    c-c of what? Geometry info will be on the Specialized site anyway...
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    Centre to centre of seat tube. Site shows sizes for centre to top.
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    Blimey, you don't make it easy! As above, the Spesh website has a really good set of geometry tables but make sure you pick the model (you may have use some old tables for earlier years, SL3, etc.) and work it out. Spesh work in cms and are compact design, so traditional ways of measuring size do not work, e.g., a size 54 should be a 54cm seattube from c-c bb to c-c tt, but my Allez Comp is no where near that.

    Failing that, see if the seller can see a sticker on the seattube with a big M on it :)
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    try looking under the BB - if it is an alloy frame it may be stamped there
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    try looking under the BB - if it is an alloy frame it may be stamped there
    Careful with that. I have a 56 and it's stamped 58 underneath.

    I know it's a 56 as we checked every measurement to the geometry spec. Clearly a stamping error.
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    they gave me the following extra size info which seems way off what spesh website say for a medium...

    B-B (centre to top) is 560mm, the stem is 140mm, and the t-t mesurment is 656mm.

    Think they've measured overall length not centre to centre. Best go have a look.

    This is the bike:
    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... TQ:GB:1123
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    Just noticed they added t-t length to advert and it's 565 not 656 which they emailed me. makes it a 56cm frame. Need 54, so nevermind.