Shimano R078 shoes is this possible?

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Hi all

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Im using Shimano M324 pedals as I could not get away with the Shimano PD-R540 SPD ones and my Shimano RO78 shoes.

I started just wearing trainers with the M324 pedals but im looking at Shimano M064 SPD Mountain Bike Shoes to match. I then wondered if I could get cleats for the RO78 shoes that would be suitable for the M324 pedals or do i need to buy new shoes?


  • You can get adaptors to allow you to bolt 2 bolt cleats to 3 bolt shoes. I've heard they (being metal rather than plastic) are (particularly) slippery if you do, though, but if you want yes or no, yes it can be done.

    Personally I'd advise that you decide on one system or the other. If you like your shoes and they fit well, get some matching pedals; if you don't, you could try some SPD shoes for size. Either way, you needn't spend much. I'd recommend SPD as the better system of the two, but the important thing is that the shoes are properly fitting and your knees are happy with the amount of float your cleats and pedals allow.
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    The R078 are compatible with 2 bolt mountain bike SPD system as well as the 3 bolt road SPD-SL system. So yes, they will work with the clipped side of the M324.

    What was wrong with your PD-R540 and R078 setup?
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  • Thanks all. The reason is I had a bad unclipping incident lol ! Also until my fitness level improves i need to push up "some" hills and it ruins the cleats.