Crank arm clicking sound

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My bike has developed an intermittent click from the left side crank arm area during my last two rides. The noise is only present when I am putting a lot of power down and seems to rear its ugly head at exactly the same point in the pedal stroke (near the bottom of the stroke). This happens in any gear and on either chain ring. I have an FSA chainset and everything else is Ultegra, I have checked the pedals and changed my cleats but the noise still persists, any ideas would be much appreciated?

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  • majormantra
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    Check BB is tight. Clicking can be caused by slight movement of a loose cup in the frame.
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    Not something silly like the end of the front derailleur cable catching your foot as it goes past?
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  • garyk72
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    DesWeller wrote:
    Not something silly like the end of the front derailleur cable catching your foot as it goes past?

    Definitely not the derailleur cable, I've checked. Also the noise is from the left crank arm.
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    Haven't got a BB30 bottom bracket have you? My cyclocross bike did this and the BB needed regreasing.
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    I've had this problem a couple of times. First time ended up being the alloy cap that screws into the non drive side crank to preload the bearings. It had drawn some moisture into the threads and corroded a bit. This clicked on each pedal stroke until I greased it up and it's been fine since. Second time was my cadence sensor clipping a flat spoke that had twisted out of line. It took me an age to figure this one out because it only happened under load and sounded like it came from the BB. Don't rule anything out, clinching and creaking noises can originate from many places and are normally easily sorted once you can pinpoint them.
  • Pedal bearings?
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    The BB on my commute bike does this from time to time as I don't look after it. It's usually when I put ride a it harder lineup hills.

    In my case I remove the crank, clean it and then remove and degrease the BB as it's usually got some dirt in their which is preventing it running smoothly.