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Clear Laquer over matte black carbon frame?

mattlloyd481mattlloyd481 Posts: 2
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Hi chaps, just got my carbon Dengfu rig from China and am wanting to give it a matte clear coat to help protect the frame from chips, UV damage and make it easier to clean. So at the moment its smooth matte black and even just touching it with my fingers leaves visible residue and makes it look shitty. I have been previously warned about putting lacquer onto carbon frames due to adhesion or reaction issues - has anyone got any experience on this or advice on what I should do. What type of clear coating I should use? Or does anyone know of frame painters in the Greater London area who might have experience doing this? Or should I just not worry about it, ride it hard and leave it dirty? :)



  • Wipe it down with a rag with gt85 on. Stops dirt sticking and you are going to be getting the thing covered in the stuff anyway.
  • DiscoBoyDiscoBoy Posts: 905
    Helicopter tape.
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  • team47bteam47b Posts: 6,424
    Matt clear coat wears off faster ( last about 6 months!) than gloss so you could use automotive gloss clear coat and matting paste to Matt the surface which would give a better Finnish than 1000 grade wet and dry as you will still see sanding marks.

    Better to leave au natural and put up with it being a censored to clean, or have kids and get them to clean it as a punishment for steeling your spare time :twisted:
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  • rayjayrayjay Posts: 1,384

    All my bikes are naked carbon. I use Aero 303 ,it has UVA protection,,,just wipe on every 3 months or so , you can see when it needs another coat.

    I have never had a chip. You only get chips if you have paint.

    Any marks just wipe off with a baby wipe.

    I clean my bikes with baby wipes , nothing else

    This is the only clear coat that I know of that you can put onto carbon ,but it's not matte.

    Good for protecting Decals. But really Aero 303 is all you need.
  • Camcycle1974Camcycle1974 Posts: 1,356
    An e-cloth and matching polishing cloth are all I need to keep my r872 clean.
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