Long Sleeve jacket v LS jersey - what is the difference

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I am confused what is the difference between them - or are they the same thing?

I have a gore phamtom jacket and saw the gore thermo jersey, and other than a fleecier lining I really cant tell how either will be much different when cycling. So what is the difference?



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    Jerseys tend to be warm but not windproof or water repellant. Most jackets are both.
    The Gore Phantom is made of Windstopper fabric on the sleeves and front panels, with a thinner, breathable rear. The Windstopper does what it says on the tin; keeps the wind out so you don't get cold. It also handles light rain but it isn't waterproof. It is very breathable though
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    I would say that if it has open jersey pockets (like the phantom) then its a jersey, and one big zipped pocket makes it a jacket.

    Lots of jerseys are windproof, often with a windproof front panel.
    Its only the pockets that differentiate between a jersey and jacket at the end of the day.

    The two Gore 'jerseys' are very different. One is windproof/water resistant and one is not.
    The arms come off the Phantom too, so it is super versatile.

    Gore themselves and many retailers call the phantom a jersey in their description of it.
    They also call it a jacket because it will sell better (as justifies the cost) and it has lots of jacket like qualities.
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    I would say its worth having both in your collection though, as both deal with different temps and weathers. Your Phantom jacket will be windproof softshell, and will also probably shrug off a shower. The jersey will be better on more still, warmer days - paired with a good gilet they can be really versatile , and the gilet will fold up in your jersey pocket when the weather warms up during your ride. I've used softshells all winter, but recently picked up a Castelli Velocissimo long sleeve jersey which I'm using with a gilet now it's got a little warmer. As I run hot, I'm finding this combo more comfortable at the moment as it's more breathable.
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    Once it gets above 12-15 degrees, you'll likely find Windstopper garments too warm and yet too cold for a shortsleeve jersey, armwarmers and gilet IMO, that's where a long sleeve jersey comes in. Also good for early morning or evening rides in summer.
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    Thanks for the responses

    I may need to get a jersey then (good thing the aldi sale is on next week!), as I was really overheating on the way home on Friday. It doesn't help than the temperature really drops once the sun sets and as I get tired getting home I seem to get colder. Although I do like windstopper in the morning.

    The one thing I do find weird now that I am wearing the windstopper on a thin cycling jersey is that it does really feel cosy and if I stop for any length of time get cold pretty fast. Trying to warm up again is hard.