New road bike - choice?

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Hi all
New to this site, and am seeking some views and opinions on the following:
Took up cycling again a couple of years back and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Borrowed a bike in 2012 to complete the BHF Manchester to Blackpool night ride. Then after some research and advice from a friend who is an experienced rider, I bought a Triban 3 from Decathlon. Excellent bike for £300 and really pleased with it. Got me round the Ride a London course last year with no trouble at all. Now want to keep use it as a winter bike, and get myself a next step-up bike for summer riding, especially as I am doing the coast to coast ride with 3 friends in June. Have been doing lots of research, seeking views of others, reading reviews, and had decided to go for the new B'Twin Alur 700 from Decathlon which is due out in May. However with that only being one month before the CTC ride, I am thinking I might be better to get a bike sooner and become more familiar with it. With that in mind I am also considering the Sensa Romagna Special.

What do you think would be the better choice? Carbon frame isn't a critical factor for me, but a decent spec and a good ride are. I don't want to break my top end budget of £800, so these two fit into that bracket very well.

Would welcome you opinions. Thanks, Bernie The Bolt. 8)


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    If you're a 54 there's a very good looking CAAD10 in the Classifieds on budget.
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm looking at getting my first ever road bike, I believe I have narrowed it down to 3, I have been offered a deal from a local shop on a Merida Scultura 903 however my friends highly recommend 105 components so I'm also looking at a Merida Scultura 94. I also rode a Giant Defy composite 3 and I really liked it however this is really over my budget but not impossible.

    I have been told that Carbon frames don't have as long a life as alloy, does anyone have a recommendation / advice about which bike or type of frame?

    I have also been told the £40 upgrade I have been offered of Miche reflex RX5 wheels isn't worth it, I have no idea either way on this.