Pedal query

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Just getting into road cycling. Bought some
Shimano pd-r540 pedals with Shimano
Shr064 shoes. not used to clip in pedals
And had a nasty incident falling off my
Bike as I could not get my feet out of
The pedals.

The tension settings of pedals set to spring
Max setting.

Will they get easier through use to get shoes
In and out of pedals ? Can you get any
Other pedals which are easier to release ?
A local bike shop advised some are designed
For people with ankle problems ?


  • lesfirth
    lesfirth Posts: 1,382
    I have the same pedals with the adjustment as loose as it will go and I have never pulled my foot out when I did not want to.

    When you twist your foot to unclip, make a conscious effort push your foot down. Your instinct is to pull your foot up.

    You will soon get the knack.
  • w00dster
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    Make sure the pedals are set to the easiest release setting, turn the Allen key to the -. Then sit leaning against a wall, not moving, maybe have someone help keep you stable. Then clip in and out make sure you can do it nice and easy.
    You should just be able to twist your heel and move off the pedal. Have a little feel for it without moving.
    Then when your happy with the settings and the feeling of clipping in and out, go for a ride. Unclip early to begin with, so look ahead and plan early. Be in the correct gear and unclip early. It becomes second nature after a few rides.
    I had a couple of beginners mistakes as well, it does hurt, but lots of people do it.
  • markiegrim
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    Went out for the first time today with Shimano 105 pedals and Shimano shoes. Following advice of LBS, set to easiest setting - still plenty tight enough!...but do-able. I was happy.
  • mitchgixer6
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    Echo the comments above. Set them to the lowest setting and they'll be just fine.