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Shimano RD B-Axle Bolt Assembly

Dazz_CymroDazz_Cymro Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in MTB workshop & tech

I am wondering if anyone knows the exact thread size and pitch of the B-Axle Assembley Bolt on RD Shimano deraulier

I have found the relevant manual on the shimano: ... 670747.pdf

the bolt in question is item 1 - but as can see it is only bolt on there which shimano do not give the size.

Measuring it, it looks to be an M10 but i'm not sure if it is a fine pitch (1.25) or the wider 1.5 thread; i need to be exact because unfortunately I have cross threaded the female thread on the frame and need to helicoil the female thread to repair it.

Any info gratefully appreciated



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