Changing from Tri Bike to Road Bike - Gears

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I have a Felt DA4 Tri Bike with 52/38 and 11-25 chainset/cassette.

I struggle on hills on this bike and run out of gears. Sorry for my ignorance but what's the best combination of gearing to help me spin uphill??

I've decided to sell the Tri Bike and go back to a road bike and I'm looking at:

Giant Propel Advanced SL3 - with: 53/39 and 11-25
Cervelo S3 - with - 52/36 and 11-25
Felt AR2 - with - 52/36 and 11-25

I'm doing IM Bolton this year so need a decent road bike to get me up the hills !




  • team47b
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    The alternative bikes you have selected all seem to have pretty much the same gears as your current bike ie the cog size numbers are all the same.

    If you want to be able to spin faster up hill you need less teeth on the front cog and more teeth on the back cog.

    You need to be looking for a 11-28 on the back and a maybe compact front of 50-34 for 'serious' hills

    All the implications of this change are explained clearly here... ... lications/
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
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    You don't need to buy a new bike to get new gears you know ?
    A compact chainset would give you lower gears.

    How much weight are you carrying ? Thats the cheaper way to get better in hills.
  • John.T
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    Change the inner ring to a 34 and fit a 12/27 or 12/28 cassette. No need to change the bike. If you do decide to change the bike you still need to be looking at these sort of gears. If you can't get up the hills with those you are not really racing so a bit of training would help.