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Remove Stubborn Hub Axle End Caps [SOLVED]

hp1975hp1975 Posts: 31
edited March 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a DMR Revolver Single Speed rear hub. I need to change the bearings but I cant get the end caps off! Unfortunately I dont have a vice so havent yet tried that. If the caps are siezed onto the axle then I dont suppose they are ever coming off and I'm looking at a new hub and wheel build... :cry:

The biggest problem is getting a decent grip on the caps as they are round and smooth.......

Any ideas?

EDIT: I emailed DMR with a suggestion that I take a mallet to the end of the axle and it should just drive the whole lot out i.e axle, bearing and end cap. I got a response that supported that suggestion (i just wanted to check) and I went for it, worked a treat except I needed to resort to a proper hammer rather than a mallet. Hub rebuilt with new bearings. Result.


  • micedenmiceden Posts: 225
    You may have to sacrifice the caps.... Put some heat on them (heat gun or even hair dryer) and use vice grips to get a better hold on them. If you can't get them off its at the most new end caps and an axle, not a new hub and wheel build, all you do is cut one end cap off and hammer out from that side.
  • hp1975hp1975 Posts: 31
    Thanks dude, yeah heat is my last option. hadnt thought of cutting the caps off. Spare caps and axle might be quite hard to get hold of though. Thanks for the tip.
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