Red saddle and bar tape

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New bike needs red saddle. I like my Charge Spoon but matching the red is hard. Its a touch orange, a bit like a Dyna-rod van. Charge tape does not match. any one seen any slightly orangey red tape?
Failing that, as I am fairly saddle tolerant anyone know of any manufacture that does matching saddle and tape in red?
Failing that has anyone seen a baby blue tape that matches the Spoon in that colour.
I suppose any match tape and saddle colours would do but I am sick of black or white.
Yes its tarty but bikes should look right. :D


  • I had a Fizik Arione in red/ black and Fizik glossy red bar tape on white carbon bars. Looked awesome.
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  • Philly8mt
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    My boy has a Fizik saddle that's black & red, matches really well with his Bontranger bar tape in red. :)
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    Not Cinelli - just put some on and it's a bit pink :x