Maintanence advice....Play in headset

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New to the world of bikes, only had it a week

When I apply the front brake and rock the bike I can feel a slight amount of play in the headset, where the forks are

Its not massive but surely it cant be right, it was not like it a week ago, I cant feel anything loose and everything seems to be tight

I have not abused it, its done about 30km's all on tarmac

If someone can point me in the right direction as what to do I'd appreciate it

If it helps its a PX RT-58, carbon

I don't want to go to the LBS and look like a right plonka if its something simple


  • jasondxb
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    Quick search on youtube and I have found the answer

    Is this normal for it to works itself loose ?

    I was going to delete this post but if anyone is as stupid as me it might come in handy
  • Ride hard
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    The headset should never make its ways loose, so it sound like it was like that when you bought it.

    As you've probably already seen, its a quick fix. Loosen the bolts on the top cap and stem, re-tighten the top cap to a reasonable level where the forks still move freely (it's probably recommended to use a torque wrench for this but I don't bother and go by feel), then re-tighten the stem bolts.
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    I think the fork steerer on the RT58 is carbon (the top tube of the fork that passes through the head tube of the frame).

    If that's the case, you have to take care in doing up the stem bolts - over-tightening can risk damage and failure.

    I would suggest a trip to the LBS if you're unsure of the torque needed to do it up. Perhaps ask them to make sure the steerer is OK if the headset's been loose? You won't look stupid - they have folks coming in to ask them to fix punctures and oil chains!
  • navrig2
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    Mine did this when I first got the bike. The solution was to add an extra spacer to create sufficient gap to the top of the steerer tube meaning that when tightened it was tigthening against the steerer tube itself. All it took was a 2mm (?) spacer. Not been a problem since.
  • jasondxb
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    Cheers all, Ill get them to check it tomorrow when I go in and have a fitting, or more specifically some fine adjustments