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Guerciotti - frame sizing and advice.

andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,814
edited March 2014 in Road buying advice
I had previously been tempted by Planet-X's prices on the Guerciotti frames but did noting more than browse their site and say 'Ooh, they look nice"
Now the prices have come down again and they are that bit more sensibly priced.
I've asked them for geo information but they can't provide this - could anyone help out here ?
Not sure whether the geo varies for models and years - eg the Khaybar and the various team replica (ISP) frames. Some are marked as 2013 others have no year noted. Also the Simoni rep frame (not 100% sure about the paint scheme on that)
I've had a good search around and found that many say the Team Replica is a Deda Scuro RS - that being the case then I'm at the bottom of a Large size as I would normally look for something around the 550mm TT length. As it has a pretty longh HT (173 in large) that might compensate for the slightly more stretched TT ?
Anyone know what their other frames sizings are like, eg the Khaybar and Simoni rep - also Deda Scuros ? I know at one time some of the P-X Guerciotto frames were older proper made in Italy (not just 'completed') and sizings were therefore not as per Scuros.
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