Is it a silly idea to try and ride in Yorks on TDF weekend?

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Hello all,

my friend lives on the route for stage 2 so am planning to go up to visit and watch.

I was considering bringing my bike up for a ride the day before (the saturday). is this a silly idea due to the preparation going on etc etc or should it be okay?

forgive my ignorance, never been to a pro race before.



  • MartinGT
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    No, Yorkshire is a big place ;)

    Get tha bike brought up lad.
  • thegreatdivide
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    If it's as well organised as it is on the French mainland then you'll be fine. There were folk riding up and down the Croix Fry up to an hour before the caravan arrived and as soon as the last team car had passed the roads were open again.

    Saying that, we did see one guy try and ride down when the road was completely closed and he was rugby tackled off his bike by a Gendarme and when his mates following complained a baton was produced! They walked the rest of the way :lol:
  • Well, about 20 of our local club members are cycling over from North Wales for that weekend. We've hired a youth hostel which is costing about 20 quid each, so a nice cheap cycling weekend away. Really looking forward to it!

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    I'm planning on cycling up to the edge of the Dales from my Mum's, try to catch the race at Skipton and then again as it heads into Harrogate, unless I'm not fast enough..
  • socistep
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    I live a couple of miles from stage 1 and not decided yet what to do, the second stage crosses over not too far away either at Addingham.

    I am planning on riding the first stage sometime in April/May though
  • Baby Trek
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    Get up there and get cycling...and don't forget your yorkshire tea lad! Wensleydale is worth a trip if you are that way...great cheese...gromit!