Easton EA30 stem bolts

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My Cube Agree GTC Pro 2013 bike came with a 'Easton EA30 Oversized, handelbar clamp 31.8mm, 8°' stem. With all this awful rain we've been having the bolts have started to rust, so i want to replace them with some titanium bolts.

How can i find out what size bolts i need? Most bolts seem to be something like 'M5 x 16mm', what does the M mean? Is the only way to find out what size i need is to remove a current one from the stem and measure it? Finally do i really need a torque wrench to put the bolt back in? If so how do i find out what torque it needs to be set at?

Too many questions i know but i'm very grateful for any help


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    Unless you're a weight weenie I'd suggest stainless steel rather than Ti; I've read too many stories about snapped Ti bolts and how hard it then is to drill out the remains.

    As far as I know the M just means metric. Yes, take one out and measure it.

    The correct name for them is cap screws if you're googling for suppliers.

    It's odd that these are invariably the first thing on a bike to start going rusty. Mine are too, but I just ignore it.
  • Easy enough to remove and measure them and if your stem is carbon (unusual) then yes you should use a torque wrench for safety. If its Al as most are then I would say no. In either case make sure to tighten them all evenly - so if ABCD names the four bolts going from top left to bottom right you tighten them evenly a little at a time in the order A - C - B - D just sneck them up a little at time to make sure the tension increases evenly across the whole of the plate they are securing.

    Also +1 on stainless.