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Strange Presta valve and how to use it.

Tommygunn792Tommygunn792 Posts: 14
edited March 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
I've got a couple of bikes for the family that have what I presumed to be Presta valves, however, when I went to use my new Lezyne HV Drive on the valve it appeared to be either not working or highly inefficient and leaking because there is no physical connection and opening of the valve.
The valve externally appears to be the dimensions of a Presta valve but possibly with the internals of a Dunlop/Woods valve.
I can use a track/foot pump on the tyres with a Schrader fitting and a Presta adapter. If I use my Lezyne with either the Presta end of the hose or the Schrader with the adapter it is very hard going and I'm not certain the air is going in the tyre as the air I can hear sounds more like a leak around adapter.
Does this mean a change of inner tube or can the valve core be replaced with a standard Presta core?




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