which bike to get?

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Hi there, been lurking around for quite a while and finally decided to post:
anyway, a couple of weeks ago my voodoo bantu 2012 got nicked so looking for a replacement. Narrowed it down to these choices:

Commencal El Camino 1
http://www.commencal-store.co.uk/PBSCPr ... D=12501208
looks good just not sure about the rst fork

Voodoo Hoodoo 2013/14
http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... yId_165499
halfords are having 10% further discount on all bikes online right now so it would be around £400

Boardman HT Comp 650B
http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... yId_165499

Radon ZR Team 7.0
http://www.bike-discount.de/en/buy/rado ... wwodtpwA6g

The board man and voodoo have tested in halfords- both felt good and frame geometries felt fine.

also wondering with the Radon bike theres not much I can find online about it but from I heard mail-order bikes can be hard to deal with when things go wrong i.e. replacements parts and stuff- or is that untrue? Also finally if I buy the Radon is the extra £300 over the voodoo justifiable if it were you. I don't really know too much about bikes but the major difference I see would be the fork. Would anything else significantly alter the ride? Around £500ish would be ideal but higher or lower is alright as long as the value is good. Max budget would be the Radon which stretches it a bit.

Thanks :)