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ilav84ilav84 Posts: 124
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After my previous plan to buy a cervelo failed due to some ignorant sales staff, I have decided to go for my second option which was a Bianchi. I have been looking around the internet for some frames and looking at the Sempre Pro and Infinito models. I am looking to stick with a budget of £2500 for the bike or what I am seriously considering doing is buying a frame and then buying groupset and other parts when deals come out.

I am just about 6ft so I would probably use a 56? Would this be the case for Bianchi? What is the best place to buy frames from that come with warranty? Would the Infinito be much better than Sempre Pro?


  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,726
    You could ask Epic Cycles, they've sold a lot of them and know their stuff
  • domc21domc21 Posts: 86
    I'm 6ft and I ride a 56cm Sempre pro.... I'd say epic cycles is the place to go for a Bianchi, they fit you allow demo rides and do deals on bikes with upgraded wheels.
  • CalpolCalpol Posts: 1,039
    Definitely talk to the guys at epic. Bianchi sizes seem to differ slightly across the range. Taking my bike fit stats, I'd be on a 59 Infinito but a 56 in a lot of other manufacturer frame sizes.
  • Minglok74Minglok74 Posts: 36
    Try Hargrove Cycles. I bought a 2013 Sempre Pro Athena off them and it's a great ride.
  • dov2711dov2711 Posts: 131
    Very subjective topic when you ask for opinions on a specific brand but my 2p worth is that having ridden Bianchi bikes for a significant number of years I havent been let down.

    Currently ride an ultegra equiped infinito and its been faultless for the last 2 years. This was built from parts taken off my previous sempre frame which was crash damaged. I bought the infinito frame in Italy while waiting for the insurance to get sorted out.

    Bianchi and my LBS (Leslie bike shop)have been great and I now have a Sempre pro frame as a replacement for the original which I am collecting kit for a summer build. Just a set of dura ace hubs and a wheelbuild away from getting it rideable. I would reccomend trying out both framesets as the ride position/responsiveness is IMO quite different between the 2.

    For reference I am 5 foot 8 and ride a 53cm frame
  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    Bianchi size in odd numbers and you generally need a slightly higher number than other brands. i.e. I have a 57cm frame which has a 56cm virtual top tube which would make it a 56 in most other brands conventions.

    The Sempre pro is in the B4P range which is more race orientated the Infinito CV is in teh C2C range - more sportive / comfort / enduranc orientated. The more comparable to the Sempre pro is the C2C range is the Intenso, which replaced the old Infinito. the infinito CV is abrand new frame design and supposet be epic {pun intented} but sadly out of my budget.

    read here for more details all the information you could need.
    Bianchi Infinito CV
    Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Ultegra
    Brompton S Type
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    Front half of a Viking Saratoga Tandem
  • carefulcareful Posts: 720
    I have had an Infinito C2C which I bought from Epic nearly 4 years ago. Epic were indeed very helpful, giving a free bike fit and did test rides on various other contenders at the time. I was looking for a bike that would be comfortable for long distances without having slugish handling. I am about your size, just under 6 foot but with long legs. The Infinito has a fairly long top tube and I am not that flexible in the back. According to usual formulas I could have chosen a 55 or a 57. I went for 55 so that I would not be too stretched out. The fit suits me perfectly but I would say that anyone a bit taller, or with shorter legs/longer torso, the 57 might fit better. It has been a superb bike.
  • ilav84ilav84 Posts: 124
    Talking to the lads at epic there. Great fellas and very helpful! looking at this one for around £2150

    Just as another idea i was thinking of this frame and then custom building it
  • galatzogalatzo Posts: 1,295
    Firstly I've not ridden one but don't you think they're a bit overpriced for what you get ?
    I know most Italian stuff is but Bianchi always seem more so than others.
    Why don't you get the parts and let your lbs build one for you ?
    Ultegra 6800 £500
    RS81 wheels £350
    Mich pro 4 at planet x £32
    Deda m35 bar and stem at ribble 90 ?
    Deda superzero post at ribble £85
    Tape and build £100 ?
    Leaves about £1350 for a frameset
    Yes I know you should start with a frame but you get the idea.
    Do Slane have a Scott cr1 sl frame in your size £800 ?
    Or one of those scott addicts at westbrook with 11speed ultegra di2 £1400 are they ?
    You can easily build a stormer with out spending your whole budget.
    Do it
    Do it
    Do it !
    25th August 2013 12hrs 37mins 52.3 seconds 238km 5500mtrs FYRM Never again.
  • galatzogalatzo Posts: 1,295
    Dale supersix at paulscycles sram red £2400 if they still have them, may have frame onlh deals too, I'm on my phone and it's too late to bother checking !
    25th August 2013 12hrs 37mins 52.3 seconds 238km 5500mtrs FYRM Never again.
  • galatzogalatzo Posts: 1,295
    Isaac's are mint.....
    25th August 2013 12hrs 37mins 52.3 seconds 238km 5500mtrs FYRM Never again.
  • galatzogalatzo Posts: 1,295
    Deda Gladiatore frames are about £800
    Chorus £800
    Zondas £280
    Rest on deda super leggera finishing kit
    Holy sh!t I'm good.
    25th August 2013 12hrs 37mins 52.3 seconds 238km 5500mtrs FYRM Never again.
  • smoggystevesmoggysteve Posts: 2,909
    What do a Scott CR1, A Cannondale Supersix and a Deda Gladiatore all have in common?

    None of them are a Bianchi which is what the op is after. It was hinted at by the line "I have DECIDED to go for a Bianchi" If a Scott, Cannondale or whatever you own is what you ride then good fir you. Why do people insist on pushing random brands unsolicited in threads like this? Bit retarded dont you think?

    OP. I have owned a few and ridden alot of Bianchi's I own a Sempre Pro and a Via Nirone. I have had the previous Sempre and before that a 928. You get in the range either super comfy or aggressive with no real middle ground. I would say if you can afford an Infinito get one. they are excellent even the older version. look at the Intenso Ultegra with Mavic krysiums also at Epic. Is a better deal.
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