Is this very seriuos?

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Last night, while climbing up Crystal Palace hill, I heard that noise that no cyclist likes to hear: the sound of "something breaking". And then, pedalling just didn't feel right. Obviously, there is something VERY wrong with my bike, and I am worried that is going to cost me a fortune to fix it. So, I filmed this as I find it difficult to describe it in words.

The bike will go tomorrow back to the shop - where it was on Saturday morning - and I will have this fixed. However, I would like to know what I am facing. What could it be?

The bike is a Specialized TriCross Sport 2008, bought in August 2007 and used non stop since then.

Thanks, peeps!


  • gethinceri
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    New bottom bracket bearings at least, I would guess.
  • Nothing too serious, bottom bracket has gone, around here a bike shop would charge around £50 all in but you're London so maybe more.
  • 99.9% probability its needs a new bottom bracket - other 0.1% is for the outside chance that the frame may be damaged but that's v unlikely. Nor sure what it would cost in a lbs but it's no big deal to remove the bust one and replace it yourself. ... m-brackets
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    new bottom bracket required.
    DIY is easy enough, but you would need a crank puller, a BB remover, a big spanner (32mm, iirc) for the BB tool, and either an 8mm allen or a thin 14mm socket for the crank bolts.
    Note that the chainset side is a left-hand thread, so undoes in the opposite direction to normal.

    If you buy the lot, it may be just as cheap to go to the bike shop, the first time at least.
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    If you have mates who have the tools then it is definitely worth going DIY for a BB replacement as a BB is a pretty cheap item (£10-£15 for a basic one)... but you do need the right tools.
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  • Bottom Bracket replacement for sure. The noise you heard is one of your ball bearing snap in two half.
  • Should be about £35-£45 all in for a new square taper BB and fitting, depending on the BB fitted.
  • Moonbiker
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    I got this as a replacement when my BB broke.

    U need the tool to fit it. ... 0839684203
  • Dear Fellow Cyclists,

    Thanks ever so much for all your replies. I am now quite relieved, as the last thing I need now is to loose the only thing that has kept me sane during some really hard times! The bike is in the shop now, to be picked up in a couple of hours.

    Again, thanks for your replies.
  • dennisn
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    Because you heard something break leads me to believe that, indeed, something did break. However, the video shows what "could" also be simply a loose bottom bracket. It's the sound you heard that convinces me a new BB is going to be the fix.
  • Dear All,

    It was a broken bottom bracket, indeed! It only set me back £34. Bike now rides like a dream!