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Reverb hose routing

mainsymainsy Posts: 57
edited March 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
My anthem doesn't have guides for the hose so it's currently on with cable ties, but I'd like to try tidy it up a bit.

Found these

But I can't seem to find a uk retailer. Has anyone bought these or have a better alternative.


  • mainsymainsy Posts: 57
    Having looked on ebay and finding them from an American seller wanting $40 delivered, I checked again tonight and got some from a Taiwan retailer for £7 odds.

    Hopefully these will do the trick
  • CqcCqc Posts: 951
  • mainsymainsy Posts: 57
    Cqc wrote:

    Never heard of the stuff but it looks pretty good. I've got a leaking pressure washer, I think this would easily fix it.

    Cheers for that :D
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