GT Chucker SX1 mech hanger.

merlinhm1 Posts: 2
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Hello everyone, I'm new on here and looking for a little advice. I've just bought a Chucker SX1 off a good mate who's had it a while but needed cash, I got it really cheap, however it has a few niggles. First off, it needs a new mech hanger as the one I currently have is bent and has been cross threaded at some point. It needs a new front brake as there isn't a front one fitted and a new rear tyre as the one that's on is properly poverty spec. I'm just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of a hanger, as I can't find one anywhere! It's just going to be my commute to and from work bike, about a 5 mile round trip as I have a thirsty Leon Cupra R and need to get a little fitness back in my life. Any help would be much appreciated, cheers.