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10sp spacers

SpaceMonkey83SpaceMonkey83 Posts: 25
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Hi there

does anyone know where I can buy the 2.85mm spacers for fitting a 10sp cassette on an 11sp hub. Can't seem to find them anywhere on the net


  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,055
    presumably a shimano (not tiagra) cassette on shimano 11-speed hub

    the standard method is use the 1mm spacer that is supplied with the cassette together with the 1.85mm spacer supplied with the wheel

    if you're missing one/both, they are available online
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  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    Have aread through this:- ... _3978.html

    You'll see that the 2.85mm is made up of 2 spacers - a 1mm + a 1.85. You should be looking to source those sizes.
  • Had a read before bed last night and can source the 1mm spacer fine on the net, its the 1.85mm spacer. They're in the US but have £15 postage. Can't seem to find anyhere that has the 1.85mm spacer
  • MccariaMccaria Posts: 869

    If you are still looking drop me a pm with your address and I will send you one. They tend to send them with every set of 11 speed wheels and since I only run 11 speed I don't need the spacers for 10 speed.
  • cheers guys. I managed to stop at the LBS on the way home and we raided the workshop and managed to find some :-)

    thank you so much for the help and offers guys :-)
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