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whirring noise from gears

ChoggerChogger Posts: 62
edited March 2014 in Road beginners
I'm a newbie and just have a quick question it may sound a bit stupid. On my new bike 2 weeks old when I'm in certain gear combinations, when I'm pedalling my gears/chain make a weird whirring/grinding sound this has only just started and was fine for the first week and a bit. Is this just the gears and cabling settling and stretching a bit? And I just need to make some adjustments. Or am I using wrong combinations that are causing me problems? Sorry if it sounds a bit stupid but I've only been riding a road bike for two weeks.


  • motogullmotogull Posts: 325
    You aren't using wrong combinations are you? Big ring at front with smaller cogs at back and vice versa.
  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,426
    Er, big rings at front and small cogs at the back is fine. Big-big and small-small are the ones to avoid.
  • ChoggerChogger Posts: 62
    Thanks that will probably be it as it happened when I was on the big ring front and back I will avoid using this combination in future thanks foryour help
  • mattbabsmattbabs Posts: 86
    You are right about looking out for cable stretch too. Your indexing will start to go off and you might find you change gear but you just get a clicking noise from the chain but no gear change until you try again. You can easily tweak it using the inline adjusters. Bike shops often offer a free 6 week service to check for these problems.
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