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VeganRawVeganRaw Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Road buying advice
Is this bicycle a good buy? I know the auction ended, but that guy didn't pay for it, so he's gonna sell it to me for $760 including shipping. Do you think it is a good buy or I should pay a little extra for something better?

This is the Orbea: ... 7675.l2557

I am also looking at this one which I was offered 1.1k including shipping, that guy didn't pay for it as well. ... true&rt=nc

What would you choose? I don't plan to do any racing, maybe soon! I plan to do a lot of training.

I am 6'1 and those bikes are 56cm, but the orbea looks like it would fit me.. the GURU one looks smaller.


  • Anyone? :D
  • I ride a orbea onix. The bike is great for me as it has a really long top tube for its size.
    Most off the peg bikes dont fit me due to being 6 foot tall with short legs and a long torso
  • So this orbea 56cm would fit me good ? I am 6'1 and a half.
    Also, I should choose orbea over the guru? Like is it worth it to pay $250+ extra to get the Guru one? The GURU bike looks small though compared to the orbea!
  • gazman428gazman428 Posts: 111
    Id never buy without trying the size first. A 56 cannondale or cube etc are all too short and I need a 60cm frame from them but then have to run the seat tube right down in the frame!
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