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Sram red 22 or Sram Force 22

insanibashainsanibasha Posts: 25
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I've been thinking, what is the main difference between the sram red 22 and force 22 besides weight? Is the feel of shifting with it that different to the point where it's worth it to get the red 22. Obviously Red is lighter but what other differences are there between the force and red, and does shifting with force and red feel the same?


  • DiscoBoyDiscoBoy Posts: 905
    Mainly just weight, the design is pretty much the same and there are lots of common parts.
    Red bikes are the fastest.
  • The difference is twice the price for Red. That IS the main difference.
  • how about the shifting? which one is more responsive and smooth?
  • It's not quite twice the price. But near enough. But remember that Sram RED 2013 (10 speed) is still, essentially the same as the 11 speed. That can be got for near enough £900 v Force £600.

    It's worth it IF you have red parts I guess? But if you're starting from scratch go Force.

    It will feel essentially the same.
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  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    Or mix and match as to what is available and cheapest at the time. I can't understand how a Force Yaw 22 FD is cheaper than a Force/Red 10 speed FD and works with 10 speed shifters better than standard. SRAM will surely cotton on to this sooner or later and hike the price up.
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  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
    Yeah, had I not been OCD, I did have everything red already, the Force FD is a no brainer over the Red one.

    Force set, with discount, is pretty much £600 at Merlin. Hard to see why you'd go more.
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  • vorticevortice Posts: 244
    I've got both - not much difference, can't tell on the bike.
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