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Giant PSL1's or Fulcrum racing 5's? Advice sought please.

loxster71loxster71 Posts: 269
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Hi all,
Sorry for the essay :-)

I recently purchased a 2013 Giant TCR composite 3 that came with giants PR2 wheelset, In a moment of madness I ordered a set of 2014 Fulcrum racing 5's to replace the wheels on the Tcr.
2 days after the wheels arrived the price of TCR's at Rutland cycles came down so I returned the unused comp 3 and bought a composite 1 ( full ultegra and the better psl1 wheels).

So here's my dilemma .....Are the Racing 5's better than the psl1's .
Will I notice a difference in them or am I better off returning the unused fulcrums.

An option would be to keep the better looking Fulcrums and sell the new psl's to recoup some money, All advice is welcome.
Thanks in advance.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Aftermarket wheels (like the Fulcrums) are always better than original equipment ones (which I assume the Giants are) IMO.

    Not sure of the costs involved, what the Giant ones are/look like or your plans for the future, but personally I would never really want OEM wheels.

    If you can afford it I would get the Fulcrums (with some decent new tyres) and sell the OEM ones with the tyres as new before you use them.
    If they are any good someone will pay a decent price for them. If not then all the more reason to get shot of them ;-)

    The other option is to cancel the Fulcrums and use the OEM ones initially. Then look out for the Fulcrums (or something even better) in a sale and keep the OEM ones for winter use.

    A third option (the best one IMO) is to get the 5's/sell the OEM's and still keep your eye out for some real bargain super wheels in a sale (no rush to get them, but snap them up if and when you find any) and then keep the 5's for winter use.
    That way you will be happy to use both wheelsets rather than hating the winter ones.

    What ever you do I would sell the tyres that come with the bike as new before you use them and stick some very decent ones on.
    Would also get a set of decent brake pads.
  • Id sell the psl-1's, return the racing 5's and swap them for raching 3's.

    My psl-1 wheelset is on ebay at the minute, worth watching to see what you could get
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