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Cervelo S2 - To buy or not to buy

ilav84ilav84 Posts: 124
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I had this link in another subthread but thought it might be better as a thread of its own so i can get some advice.

To me this seems like a good enough deal, maybe a couple hundred off would be more realistic. I will be doing a mixture of short sprint triathlons, hilly courses to long 140mile sportives. So the bike needs to be an all rounder.

The shop thats selling it is not too far from me (25mins in a car) which is another plus. I am 6ft and 90kg so probably need to get rid of a few kgs!! But looking at 56cm frame, which is what my Felt is. Anyone have an S2 or know anything about them?


  • I love my s2!

    It's a very quick bike with a fantastic finish. It doesn't have the stiffest bb area on the market but for a mere mortal cyclist such as myself I don't notice it.

    I like to maintain my own bikes, with an English bb this is pretty easy. The internal cabling is a little harder to master.
    At one point I did have the same wheelset as your link but they were a nightmare in the wind. Opted for some custom wheels for £400ish
    If you are handy in the workshop, I think this bike could be made for less than they are suggesting. Sigma have the frame at £999 and a duraace 11 speed group is £1000 at the moment.
  • ilav84ilav84 Posts: 124
    Sadly sigma no longer have the frame! How bad were the wheels in the wind?
  • upperoilcanupperoilcan Posts: 1,180
    Don't be scared of the wind with deep section rims...
    Cervelo S5 Ultegra Di2.
  • Riding in the wind with deep section wheels isn't the end of the world, unless you fall off and die. Then it is.
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • The cosmics were only a real problem when it was gusty winds. I remember coming down a country lane decent and touched cloth every time I passed a gap in the hedge.
    The wheels are a little on the heavy side tho at 1.75kgs
  • ilav84ilav84 Posts: 124
    Might not bother with the S2 now, I was down in their shop today and the fellas weren't very helpful at all. Didn't want to let me sit on the bike for fear that i was getting measured up to go buy it elsewhere, I explained that I would want to sit on the bike to see how it feels. I even said to the fellas if they were going to buy a car would they not want to sit in it. Two of the lads were quite rude as well, every question seemed like a hassle. Not nice people to deal with, wouldn't negotiate with the price at all. I asked could he even come down 100 quid and he seemed to have dug his heal in at this stage. He said that his prices won't be beaten anywhere!

    I apologised for making them think that I was going to get measure up to buy online, which I honestly hadn't even thought about it in that way. When I was driving down the road after though I was raging that I even apologised, I am the customer and they were meant to be helping me. I was standing beside a fella who was in looking to buy 5 bikes and the assistant manager wasn't helpful at all to the fella, who was asking some normal questions. This is a few times that I have heard about slane's staff having an attitude problem. They must sell a lot of bikes if they don't need to be helpful and reasonable with customers off the street. To be fair to them, they have an unreal selection of bikes and some cracking deals but I wont be back due to their poor service and lack of basic manners!
    Rant over.

    Don't know what bike to go for now. Chainreaction don't have much of a selection.
  • upperoilcanupperoilcan Posts: 1,180
    That's very poor form from the bike shop,very poor indeed,

    No sitting on the bike,PMSL.
    Cervelo S5 Ultegra Di2.
  • Sounds pretty shitty service to me! Not sure where you are based but if your a 56 in a trek this is a bargain! ... madone-49/
  • amackamack Posts: 70
    ilav84 wrote:

    Don't know what bike to go for now. Chainreaction don't have much of a selection.
    I've read and heard about them being a shower of ignorant hallions and was going to take a look at their stock soon but you've put me off, cheers - **** 'em! Have you tried Cycleology in Armagh? I'm not sure if they're still in business as their Facebook and twitter accounts seem to have disappeared but they definitely stocked Cervelo. Worth a phone call at least. Have you tried McConvey's, i know they only do Specialized and Giant but you should get friendly service and definitely 10% discount off any bike. Good luck.
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