Five Ten freeriders: Elements or not?

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I'm looking at getting either a five ten freerider or freerider elements. Is the waterproofing on the elements any good? some reviews have suggested its shit since the tongue just lets all the water in. Is it worth the extra €30?

My old flat shoes fell apart, so i got out my SPD's and decided to give them a try again. After a few rides i've decided that i'm definitely not up for it, its terrifying doing anything remotely technical with them. So i need to get a new pair of flats shoes.
Everyone suggests five ten's. I tried on a friends size 44's, and they were very comfortable, just slightly too tight at the sides, So i think a 44.5 or a 45 should be perfect.


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    I had freeriders and won't buy 5.10's again (except climbing shoes).
    I much prefer Shimano AM41's for British weather.
  • I had freeriders and won't buy 5.10's again (except climbing shoes).
    I much prefer Shimano AM41's for British weather.

    I'm guessing the OP is not in Britain... :P

    I just love 5.10's lol, riding and climbing shoes, Stealth rubber FTW lol
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    KevChallis wrote:
    I'm guessing the OP is not in Britain... :P

    Ireland. Pretty fecking awful weather. Though at least our flooding isn't nearly as bad.
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    I would suggest that you make your choice between the 'Elements VXi' and the 'Freerider VXi' instead.

    The reason I say that is the brand new Fiveten rubber that has been introduced for MTB shoes:
    Elements & Freerider = S1 stealth rubber (old)
    Elements VXi & Freerider VXi = Mi6 rubber (new)

    I've just bought the Elements VXi and the rubber is seriously 'sticky' on the pedals. Don't get me wrong, the Stealth rubber is great and I had no complaints with my previous Fiveten shoes it's just this rubber is even better.

    I'm finding my Elements VXi great for the wet UK weather. However, I would not advise getting the Elements (or Elements VXi) primarily based on their all-weather claims.

    Compared to a Freerider (/VXi) then, yes, they are relatively more water resistant. However, that's not much of a claim since most of the Freerider (/VXi) models comprise mesh and suede uppers! The "DWR treated synthetic upper" of the Elements VXi will keep out splashes on the odd puddle but they are not an all-weather shoe by any stretch, they are simply more suited to UK weather compared to a Freerider that may be more at home in California!
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    I have Danny Mcaskgill 5.10's and I think they are pretty good. Been riding them since April in all weathers. I Use Moreno will socks on dry days and sealskins when it's wet. I would recommend them.
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    I just sold my elements after 2 rides. Not waterproof and dont keep your feet warm either. I found the new stealth rubber a little bit too sticky.