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Got doored, any advice?

acemaloneacemalone Posts: 2
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Hi, new here.

I was commuting earlier this week and I got doored cycling in a cycle lane which had a layby on the other side. I'm aware of the door zone but i was cycling in lane with moving traffic and didn't see anyone park up so I asumed the cars were empty.

The street was lit and I cycle wearing hi vis and also with 2 lights on the front, one of which is a Knog Blinder Road 3 which was on full beam flash - its an attention seeker.

I had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance, broke my foot and have tissue damage to my shoulder. I have had to take some time off work as I need to keep my foot elevated and can't do that at work.

Bike's got some damage, not sure if its beyond economical repair.

I'd be looking at making a claim for the damages to the bike although I hit the floor real hard and banged my head and was confused so I can't remember that much. I think the police took statements from passers by. I've been given a police liaison to get in touch with, but he won't be around until the start of next week.

I've got pics of my cuts and bruises and have tried to dig out receipts for damaged items. What steps should I take before approaching his insurance? Should I wait to get in touch with the police first? I've written down all the facts in a notebook so i don't forget.

Has anyone here had an accident and been in a similar situation to myself?


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  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Hope you recover soon
  • Get well soon and maybe its the time to get a shiny new bells and whistles steed anyway?. i just hope you have witnesses as knowing insurance companies they will try and wriggle out of liability in any way then can (i had car insurance issues in January). Good luck
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    You should really call the police immediately. Follow the post above. As well as noting your receipts, not ALL aches, pains, gripes etc which recur so you can explain that you don't just want to be materially better off but if you are having leg/neck/shoulder physio for a year or 2, that ain't cheap!
  • goonzgoonz Posts: 3,106
    Getting doored is against the law so call the police and do what they advise.
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  • damocles10damocles10 Posts: 340
    Getting doored is nasty, happened to me in 2004 resulting in a mashed knuckle and haematoma to my wrist - police and ambulance on the scene and a very distraught cabbie passenger. I didn't take it any further despite lawyer/compensations recommendations from the police and doctors.

    It is important to have a crime number for such claims.
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