Help please on better forks...

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Ok,i have a GT agressor 3 with suntour xcr v3 forks on it.As a few people on here suggested,to change the forks to something more lighter and better handling...what forks does any of you suggest?
I have been on chain reaction and i must admit,im a bit confused by it all.
I would like a lighter fork,im not bothered if its last years model e.t.c as i am on a bit of a tight budget,but would like to look into the more 'mid range' market of fork.Something more 'air sprung' if you see what i mean.
I could possibly go to 400 quid at a stretch in a few weeks time.
Thanks for you input in advance.
Oh,the sort of riding i do is various,so anything from light trails to maybe throwing myself off of small jumps when i get my confidence back.


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    100mm travel?, 26" wheel?, 9mm QR?, 1 1/8 straight steerer?

    Stock answer would be to look for a rock shox reba, you should get one for around £270
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    Yes,sorry...120mm travel,9mm QR,1" 1/8 s.
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    what sort of riding? For that money you can have your choice of RS forks from merlin. Personally I would get recon/reba/sid depending on budget and riding style, specifically only SID if you're not crashing down the big hills - they have Recons ( ... 59434.html), Reba and Sid all at good prices frp, £240 with the RL damper.
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    The Recon silver won't be much of a weight saving (better damper though) for an upgrade worth doing, Gold at least....
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    Reba and SID share the same chassis now. Only difference is lighter and better internals in the SID and steerer material depending on which exact model you go for.

    If you want strength go for a Recon Gold RL
    If you want lighter weight go for Reba RL
    If you want slightly less weight again and even better damping go for SID RCT3

    My personal choice would be the Recon Gold RL, reasonable weight and good damping for an affordable price.
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    Thank you all,after much consideration,i opted for the Recon golds...merlin also has a bit of a discout weekend too which helps.